Arrival – Departure of Students by Car (Instructions)

To the Parents and Guardians of students
who transport their children to School by car


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We would like to inform you about the procedures that students arriving and departing from School by private means of transportation (car) should follow in order to ensure a smooth and, more importantly, safe routine.

Upon arrival:

  1. Private cars entering through the Latseio main gate can disembark children in the parking lots, located on the left and right of the entrance.
  2. For the students’ safety, parents/guardians should escort their children up until the steps in the parking area, right where the lawn begins.
  3. Say goodbye to your children at the steps of the parking area, before the lawn begins, in order to help them develop skills of autonomy and responsibility which are basic goals of our School.
  4. Quick departure from the parking area, both upon arrival and upon dismissal, facilitates children, other parents and the School and your cooperation is required so that delays can be avoided.

Upon dismissal:

  1. Upon dismissal at the end of the school day, please meet your children at the boundary with the lawn as you come from the parking lot in front of the 1st grade classrooms.  Please be sure to pick up your children on time. In case parents/guardians are delayed, 1st grade students can be collected from classroom 1στ and 2nd grade students from classroom 1ζ.  In the event of a longer delay (after the departure of the school buses), please collect your children from the guard at the School gate.
  2. Please refrain from circulating in the hallways of the 1st grade classrooms whilst School is in session, as you make our work more difficult.  You can take advantage of the indoor atrium area while you await.
  3. Students in all other grades (2-6) shall arrive and depart from the specially designed area opposite the entry-exit Gate.


You should be aware that, about eight minutes after dismissal, the bars in the parents’ parking lot will shut and will remain shut (for about 10 minutes) in order for the School buses to depart.

Thank you for your understanding.

   The Administration