Physical Education





The objective of our School’s Physical Education program is to contribute to the multi-faceted, harmonious and balanced development of our students’ intellectual capabilities and emotional wellbeing, so that they may evolve into well-rounded adults who live creatively.

We focus on three main areas of our students’ development:  the Psychomotor, Emotional and Cognitive domains.

1)   The Psychomotor domain includes exercises in visual, auditory, and spatial perception, as well as knowledge about our bodies.  The cultivation of rhythm and movement coordination aims at the improvement of physical flexibility and agility.  Students learn motor skills for handling sports equipment.  This domain also includes children’s creative movement and expression through communication, collaboration and imagination.

2)    In the development of the Emotional domain, children learn the joy of exercise and the rewarding feeling of effort and participation.  Students are taught social values, emotional virtues, and good sportsmanship.

3)   With regard to the Cognitive domain, students are taught historical facts related to Greek traditions and folk dances, as well sports techniques.  They are also taught basic hygiene, proper nutrition, alternative sports and health improvement, ways to tackle obesity, as well as sports regulations.

Overall, our fundamental goal is to make children love athleticism as a healthy life style and to help them find the sport that they will enjoy engaging in the rest of their lives.