Re-enactment of Marathon Race at Latseio School

On the occasion of European Sports Week and PanHellenic School Sports Day, Psychico College Elementary School’s Department of Physical Education organized a two-day seminar on sports, running and the Marathon race.


On Monday, October 2nd, presentations took place in the School’s Theater highlighting the beautiful and challenging Marathon race, with reference to historical and organizational facts.  On Tuesday, October 3rd a re-enactment of the Marathon race took place.


First and second graders presented lovely posters with slogans and drawings to show their support and to encourage the athletes. Third graders were responsible for coaching the runners and fourth graders for the provision of water and sponges to the runners.  Fifth and sixth graders, together with their teachers, ran the visually attractive route that was designed around the perimeter of the School, filling the spaces with smiles and positive energy.


All participants joyfully crossed the finish line and amidst the festive mood agreed to meet again next year.


Our School’s Physical Education teacher, Mr. Stelios Kakavogiannis, undertook the presentation and organization of the event.