Supplementary/Remedial Tutorial in Modern Greek Language

Psychico, October 3, 2017


Dear Parents,


Kindly be advised that during the current academic year, Psychico College High School is offering Supplementary/Remedial Tutorials in Modern Greek Language for High School students in grades 10, 11 and 12 who have been diagnosed with learning challenges.  The tutorials will be implemented in tandem with the curriculum of the Modern Greek Language courses and in full cooperation with the faculty members teaching the respective levels.  The objective of the tutorial is to provide individualized teaching in Modern Greek Language and to address the difficulties that students encounter in both oral and written expression.  At the same time, students will receive coaching for the requirements of test-taking. Head of the Program is Psychico College philologist, Ms. P. Faki.


If you would like your son/daughter to participate in the Supplementary/Remedial Tutorial in Modern Greek Language, kindly complete the attached form (in Greek) and submit it to the General High School Secretariat (Ms. Paraskevopoulou, office 140, Benaki Hall) by Monday, October 9, 2017.


For clarification or further details, please feel free to call us at 210-6798208-9.  Thank you.


 The Administration

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