Collaboration between the Student Communities of Psychico College and Anatolia High School

The Presidents of the 15-Member Student Councils of Psychico College and Anatolia High School reached a collaboration agreement (“Union”) in March 2017 for the organization of common charitable activities.  Furthermore, the agreement includes a call to the Student Councils in the upcoming academic years to develop similar action plans.  For this academic year, the two-school “Union” engaged in activities to support the work of Omada Aigaiou (Aegean Team) and to highlight the importance of road safety.

More specifically, the Student Communities of Psychico College High School and Anatolia High School, under the aegis of the Aegean Team, bolstered the material-technical infrastructure of the Fourni-Korseon High School.  Three International Baccalaureate Programme students – Giorgos Dalakouras (IB2), Giannis Dalakouras (IB1) and Metaxia Mpountouraki (IB1) – took part in the May 2017 Aegean Team mission that had the students travel to Fourni to join their peers from the Fourni High School in activities such as the island’s main beach clean-up.  Giannis Dalakouras and Metaxia Mpountouraki, within the framework of CAS, distributed a questionnaire to the island’s residents, the results of which were incorporated into their work presentation on “Sustainable Fisheries.” The presentation was attended by Fourni High School students and teachers, as well as island residents, who all showed great interest.

The President of Psychico College High School’s 15-Member Student Council, Giorgos Dalakouras, also took part in an event on road safety, organized by Anatolia High School in March 2017.  It was there that he presented a website named “Hit the Road,” which he himself had created with the aim of raising young people’s awareness about road safety issues.  And, it was during this visit that the collaborative agreement for common charitable activities was reached between the Presidents of the 15-member Student Councils of the two schools.
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