Psychico College General High School Students Stand Out in 5th PanHellenic Physics Competition “Aristotle”

Tenth grade students Odysseus Liagkas won the 2nd Excellence Award and Ioanna Panopoulou the 3rd Excellence Award amongst 10th graders who competed in the 5th PanHellenic Physics Competition “Aristotle” 2017.  In this same competition, Ioannis-Odysseas Stavrakakis won the 3rd Excellence Award amongst 11th grade students, whilst Anastasios –Theodosis Maliouris (10th grade), Dimitrios-Michail Arvanitopoulos (11th grade), Konstantinos Mantzavinos (11th grade), Ioannis Stivaros (11th grade) and Stefanos-Neoklis Sachlikis (11th grade) received Honorable Mentions for their performances.