In accordance with Ministerial Decision 10645/ΓΔ4/22-01-2018 (Β΄120), articles 27, 28, 29, the key changes regarding absences are as follow:

  1. The distinction of excused vs. unexcused absences is abolished.

  2. Student attendance is characterized as adequate provided that the total number of absences does not exceed 114.

  3. For private schools adhering to an extended schedule, the aforementioned limit increases proportionate to the number of additional class periods (hours).

For Psychico College High School students the latter applies.  Therefore, attendance is adequate provided that the total number of absences does not exceed 139.


Furthermore, for academic year 2017-2018, attendance can be characterized as adequate even with a cumulative number of 200 absences provided all of the following conditions apply:

  1. Medical evidence certifying illness has been submitted for all absences in excess of 139;

  2. The student’s oral G.P.A. is at least a pure “fifteen” (without rounding up);

  3. The student has not taken advantage of the regulation whereby absences are not counted in the event of chronic illness (up to 24 days per academic year) or due to serious/urgent medical incidents as documented by hospital certification (up to 20 days per academic year) [see article 24, par. 2 and 3].


Please refer to the following files (in Greek) for more details / clarification.


Ministry of Education Circular regarding M.D. ΥΑ 10645-ΓΔ4-22.1.2018

Ministerial Decision YΑ 10645 23-01-2018