Supplementary / Remedial Tutorials for General High School Students





Psychico, September 20, 2017

To the Parents of
Psychico College
General High School

Re: Supplementary / Remedial Tutorials (PDS)
in Psychico College General High School

Dear Parents,

During academic year 2017-2018, as in past years, the Supplementary / Remedial Tutorial Program (PDS) will be offered with the aim of providing academic support to our students.  This program is offered free of charge. 

The curriculum that is covered (reinforced) is determined through consultations with the faculty teaching the respective courses.  In all subject areas, time will be allotted to a review of test topics.  It should be emphasized, however, that sections are created only if a sufficient number of students enroll.

Psychico College Supplementary / Remedial Tutorials will begin on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 and will be held every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, after the end of the normal school day.  In order to better organize the Supplementary / Remedial Tutorial program, we request that you complete the attached Participation Form and submit to the High School Secretariat (office 140) or send it by fax (210-6714942), no later than Tuesday, September 26, 2017. 

If you would like your son/daughter to use the late afternoon School buses, you will also need to complete and return the After-School Activities form to the Transportation Office either by fax (210-67.44.845) or email (  Please note that after-school buses are at no additional charge for students who are signed up to use School transportation to and from School.  Those not enrolled in the HAEF School Bus Transportation system, or those enrolled to use School Bus Transportation one-way, will incur an annual fee of 250€ to sign up for the use of this service.

Attached is a schedule of the General Studies and Concentration subjects that will be offered in the remedial program, as well as the Prep course for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the sections of Mathematical Thinking, Physics Thinking, Algorithmic-Informatics Thinking, Ancient Greek Thinking and  Robotic Application,.  A brief description of the course content for each is also attached.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the success of this program.

The Administration