The objective of the German Program is to give College students an opportunity to acquire a strong command of a second foreign language and to meet the demands of foreign language certification/diploma examinations. Diplomas in German language are those set forth by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR).

Courses are taught by carefully selected teachers who apply modern pedagogical methods. Classes are supported by appropriate teaching materials and encompass, among other things, participation in cultural events, use of the library and more.

The teaching of German is accomplished in three cycles as proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Α. 1st cycle  Basic level FIT1 - FIT2 - B1(J)

Students are taught basic vocabulary and grammatical structures of German that allow them to communicate both verbally and in writing about simple, everyday matters.  This level includes the Fit1, Fit2 and B1(J) diplomas.
Students prepare to sit the Fit1, Fit2 and B1(J) exams in Junior High School 7th, 8th and 9th grades, depending on their level.

B. 2nd cycle Intermediate level  B2(J)-C1
Students enrich their knowledge and gain greater fluency in both the verbal and written language, broaden their vocabulary and study grammatical structures within the framework of specialized texts.  Thus, they learn to manipulate the language whilst familiarizing themselves with the culture of the German-speaking countries.  This level includes the B2(J) and C1 diplomas.
Students prepare to sit the B2(J) and C1 exams in Junior High School 9th grade or High School 10th grade, depending on their level.

In response to students’ growing interest in continuing their university studies in Germany, we have designed a special TestDaF exam preparation section into our after-school program.  The exam TestDaF includes levels B1(J)/C1 and is recognized by all institutions of higher learning in Germany and Austria as proof of language competency required for admission.

C. 3rd cycle Advanced level C2
This level is for students who want to prepare to sit the C2 diploma exam.