Sports Terms & Conditions

SPECIAL PROGRAMS is an independent division/activity of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation (HAEF) whose classes take place after the end of the HAEF Schools’ regular school day.



Sports classes / activities begin two weeks after the HAEF Schools’ regular classes begin.  For students in Elementary School grades 1 and 2, activities begin at the same time as regular Elementary School classes.

Sections of Special Program courses will run provided there is sufficient student enrollment in same.


Detailed information about Special Programs can be found at:


Registration – Annual Tuition Fees

Registration forms can be submitted:

  • In person to the Special Programs Secretariat (Psychico campus, Capps Hall, 1st floor)









General Program

€ 330

€ 600*

€ 810*

€ 960*


€ 370

€ 660*

€ 900*

€ 1080*

Competitive Swimming




€ 500


(*) The tuition discount applies when the student attends the same sports activity/program throughout the week.


Tuition Fee Payment

Registration (following acceptance of the registration form on behalf of HAEF) is completed upon payment of the specified fees as outlined below.  Within the first ten days of September you will receive an invoice from the School’s Accounting Office that will include an individual payment ID thereby allowing you to pay via Web Banking or in person at one of the partner banks: National, Alpha, EUROBANK, Piraeus.


Tuition fees for Sports courses up to 750€ are paid in full within the first ten days of September upon receipt of the invoice with your individual payment ID.


Tuition fees for Sports courses over 750€ are paid in two (2) equal installments (1/2 of the total amount due during the first ten days of September upon receipt of your individual payment ID, and the balance the following January).


Late Registration – Course Change

Students who have not registered within the prescribed time period may request to register after classes have begun; however, registration is subject to space availability and the terms and conditions that will be specified by the Secretariat. The same applies for students who wish to change courses.


School Bus Transportation

For the convenience of students enrolled in Special Programs course, late afternoon bus service is available.  Final bus routes/schedules are established once registration is over, at which time bus fees are announced.


Course Withdrawal

If, for whatever reason, a student withdraws from a course within the first two weeks of the program, or in the event of a delayed enrollment within the first two weeks of registration, a written request for withdrawal is submitted and 25% of the annual course fee must be paid.  If a student withdraws from a course after the second week, the annual course fee must be paid in full.
ATTENTION: If a withdrawal request in not submitted in writing before the 2nd week, then the full annual course fee is due.


Student Photographs – Personal Data

Photographs or video clips of students enrolled in Special Programs classes may be used in brochures issued by Special Programs, on the webpages of the “Hellenic-American Educational Foundation" (, in printed or on-line HAEF materials/periodicals and in souvenir DVDs, further to the written consent of the Parent when signing the Registration Form.  Files containing personal data of students enrolled in Special Programs courses, and of their parents, are maintained in the HAEF central database.  Use of the information contained therein is in accordance with personal data laws and HAEF’s statutory purposes.

Rules and Regulations
HAEF Schools Rules and Regulations apply to the operation of Special Programs.  Upon submission of the Registration Form, parents are informed of the specific Special Programs Regulations, whose acceptance is a prerequisite for the student’s enrollment in the special program of his/her choice.



For further information or requests, please contact the Secretariat located on the 1st floor of Capps Hall, weekdays 08:30 – 15:30.


Contact Details

Telephone: 210.6798192 and 210.6726452  Fax: 210. 6744970

E-mail:  Website: 


Mailing Address
Hellenic-American Educational Foundation, Special Programs, P.O. Box 65005, Psychico 15410