College Conservatory

The Athens College - Psychico College Conservatory offers music lessons to students of the College, as well as to students from other schools and to adults who wish to study voice or an instrument or who have professional artistic aspirations. The curriculum covers all ages: from inspiring very young children to listen, feel and move to music all the way through to preparing them for admission to Greek and foreign music universities.

Instruction in the playing of instruments is provided individually, while general music studies are taught in classes according to one’s level.  Highly trained professionals, with rich teaching experience, offer lessons in monody, voice, as well as instruments such as piano, violin, cello, viola, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, harmonium, electric guitar, electric bass, and drums.  The Conservatory also offers classes in all levels of advanced music theory.

Alongside the Ministry of Education’s analytic program, Conservatory student are offered the opportunity to follow the internationally recognized British system of musical studies of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.  Similarly, students of electric guitar, electric bass, drums, piano, and voice can follow the Rockschool curricula that prepare them to obtain diplomas in their respective studies.

With the expansion of the school day, Elementary School students in 1st and 2nd grades can now use the time creatively by participating in the School Chorus, in music appreciation classes, or in group instrument lessons (violin, viola, cello, fife) at no additional tuition cost.  Alternatively, they can take private lessons which carry special tuition costs in order to learn to play an instrument (piano, guitar, violin, cello, viola and flute).

General Information

Admission for beginners to the Athens College – Psychico College Conservatory is through a simple registration process that does not carry additional fees.  For enrollment in advanced classes, students will be required to audition / take qualifying exams for which they must register by September 15th at the latest.  The latter are also without additional fees.

Diplomas granted by the Conservatory are recognized by the Ministry of Education (decision No. 29558/1750/18.09.92 G.G 598/b/92) and, therefore, give holders all the professional rights attached to them such as permission to teach in conservatories, private schools, etc.  For certain courses not recognized by the Ministry of Education (i.e.  keyboard, electric guitar, etc.), a Certificate of Study will be issued instead.

In order to support the School’s effort to create a symphony orchestra, HAEF offers a discount to College students who attend the Conservatory and take up an orchestral instrument.  The discount applies to all students up to the Lower Diploma and continues beyond the Lower Diploma for those students who participate regularly in the Athens College – Psychico College “College Symphony Orchestra.”

All Conservatory students may participate in concerts organized by the Athens College – Psychico College Theater on whose stage leading Greek and foreign artists, as well as renowned orchestras, have performed.  All Conservatory activities begin two weeks after the start of the school year and end in the beginning of June.