89th Annual Track & Field Meets - DELTEIA 2017

The 89th Junior High – High School Track & Field Meets, “Delteia 2017,” were held on Tuesday, March 28, 2017.  The student percussion band, in its own distinctive fashion, opened the ceremonial part of the event.  The Presidents of the Athens College and Psychico College Student Communities reminded us of the “Pledge” the students made prior to the Delteia games.


During the ceremonial program, all student members of the “A” Association, as well as all students competing in the finals, paraded around the track.  Leading the procession was the Hellenic Police Band, which always honors us with its presence. 

After raising the flag, singing the national anthem and placing a wreath in memory of College Founding Father Stephanos Delta, Mr. Alexandros Samaras, President of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic-American Education Foundation, declared the games open.


The Delteia games took place in the presence of all Junior High and High School students, parents and friends of the College, who, with great satisfaction, watched the competition between grades in their struggle for the highest Overall Score.  With 178 points, the winner was the 11th grade.   Earning 836 points for his performance in the High Jump (1,94 meters), Nikolas Tzougkarakis was the male student with the best performance; the female with the best performance was Emmanouela-Sevasti Karyampa who scored 915 points for her performance in the 100 meter Dash (12”33).


New Delteia records were set by: Athens College High Schoolers Athina-Maria Tziamourta in the 1500 meter race with a time of 05’01”31 and Emmanouela-Sevasti Karyampa in the 100 meter dash with a time of 12”33, as well as Athens College – Psychico College 11th grade students Emmanouela-Maria Kappou, Emmanouela-Sevasti Karyampa, Eirini Retzepi and Natalia Alipranti who ran the 4x100 meter relay in a time of 50”38.  Junior High School students setting records were Markella-Kalliopi Papandreou (Athens College) in the 100 meter dash with a time of 12”42 and Athens College – Psychico College 9th grade students Panteleimon-Aristotelis Argyropoulos, Dimitrios Giokaris, Alexandros Kapagiannidis and Konstantinos Gkiokas who ran the 4x400 meter relay in a time of 03’42”99.  Results (in Greek)