Official IBDP Exams

Official IBDP Exams & University Placements of  Psychico College IBDP Graduates


  • In Psychico College, official IB Exams take place in May of the 2nd year of the IBDP. 
  • Most subjects prescribe at least two or three examination question papers. 
  • Most subjects will be divided into two examination sessions; with the first taking place during a weekday afternoon and the second during the following morning. 
  • IBDP students at Psychico College are entitled to use a simple and basic second-language dictionary for examination papers in non-language subjects (namely, Group 3, 4, 5, and 6 subjects). Students are not entitled to use this facility for Modern Greek A, English A, and English B examination papers.
  • At the end of each examination session, students' scripts are couriered to IBO-appointed examiners all over the world.   
  • The exact criteria used by IBDP examiners for every examination paper in each subject are provided at the back of each IBDP Subject Guide so that IBDP teachers in schools can assess students' progress precisely in line with IBDP standards. 
  • The IBO organizes regular in-service workshops for IBDP teachers. These workshops, usually scheduled every two years for each IB subject, invariably engage participants.  IBDP teachers are involved in examination marking exercises in order to reinforce and finesse their ability to correctly implement assessment criteria.
  • The marking of IBDP examination scripts passes through a pyramidal structure of examiners. The scripts are first marked by an Assistant Examiner; samples of his/her marking are passed on to a Senior Examiner; and, in turn, samples of her/his marking are passed on to a Principal Examiner.  
  • During late May and into June, before IB Diploma results are published in early July, Grade Award meetings for each subject are held at the IB Curriculum and Assessment office (IBCA) in Cardiff, Wales. These meetings are attended by both Senior and Principal Examiners for the subject, and Curriculum and Subject Area Managers from IBCA itself. The purpose of the Grade Award meetings is, amongst other things, to establish consistency of script marking from around the world, and to establish grade boundaries. Each Grade Award meeting is attended by a small number of IBDP teachers from different parts of the world in order to enhance transparency. 
  • The last step in the process, before grades are published, is the meeting of Final Award Committee at the end of June. The responsibilities of this committee are wide-ranging, but include the consideration of IBDP candidates who might have experienced temporary adverse circumstances, such as illness during all or some of the examination session. The Final Award Committee also makes decisions on candidates who have been reported for malpractice in any of the examination or other assessment components.