School Grades & Predicted Grades in the IBDP


There are four in-school grading sessions within Psychico College for IBDP students during the two years of their Diploma Program.  These include:

Year 1 - January / February

Year 1 - June (which includes results of end-of-year in-school examinations)

Year 2 - December

Year 2 - March (after IB students have completed their 'Mock' examinations)

It must be emphasized that all of these grades are in-school only, with the purpose of indicating to students their progress and levels of attainment.  However, all grades will be based on IBDP Subject Guide criteria.


There are two separate Predicted Grade sessions for Psychico College IB students. 

Year 2, Mid-October

Teachers provide predicted grades for the purpose of university applications. These predicted grades will be based on a student's 'track record', their consistency of effort, progress and attainment throughout the course, and, bearing the above factors in mind, their potential performance in the following May official IB Examinations.

Year 2, Beginning of April

When teachers communicate their Internal Assessment marks to the IBO, they communicate also to the IBO the predicted grades for students. The predicted grades at this very late stage of the course will be based upon student performance in areas such as Internal Assessment components and Extended Essays; and whether the student has maintained a positive momentum in their working ethos right up to the end of the course.