Pre-K, Kindergarten

Pre-K & Kindergarten program


Children who will start Kindergarten or Grade 1 in September can attend our two or three-week English Summer Camp. Each group is appointed a “mommy” or “daddy” teacher who will be responsible for them throughout the day while rotating amongst the various activities.

They enjoy swimming and practicing different sports every day. They also have an hour of Arts & Crafts and an hour of Music daily. Apart from the three daily Discover Your Talents  (D.Y.T.) sessions  with interdisciplinary activities, they also participate in "Forest Time" activities such as climbing and flying fox and attend two Super Clubs, Bugorama and Teenie Houdinis (for Pre-K) and Playville & Little Chefs (for Kindergarten).

Campers will all be engaged in 4th of July activities and they will experience three Super Days (World Games Day, Aqua Fun Day, Stars and Stripes Day).


Finally, our campers will play a variety of exciting Adventure Games. At the end of the second week, our young campers will participate in a Fun Fair and during the third week they will take part in Camp Races!


All Campers will go on a day trip throughout the three weeks.


Mini Camp Program at a glance: 

Discover Your Talents Sessions (D.Y.T.)

Super Days (World Games Day, Aqua Fun Day, Stars and Stripes Day)

Camp Races

Computer Lab Games (touch screen table)

Bugorama & Teenie Houdinis club (for Pre-K)

Little Artists

Sing it, Dance it, Play it

Mini Golf

Track & Field



Mini Tennis



Adventure Games

Playville & Little Chefs club (for Kindergarten)

Forest Time

Fair Day


Get ready for a thrilling adventure in Kantza!