Camp Out Nights

Campers older than 8, can participate in 3 unforgettable camp-out nights. Campers pitch their tents, play games around the premises and in the pool and sing their favorite songs at the craziest Karaoke party! Before they go to bed, they watch a movie under the stars!!!


Super Days

All campers will participate in three Super Days throughout the three weeks. These Super Days are: World Games Day, Aqua Fun Day, Start and Stripes Day. 


Camp Races

At the end of the third week, the campers will have an exciting day participating in Camp Races.


Fair Day

On the last day of the second week, all campers will enjoy a day at the fair. They will play fair games that they have created with their mommy or daddy teachers.


Athens Clue Escape Room

Campers from grades 3 to 6 will have the opportunity to participate in an escape room organized by Athens Clue on camp grounds.


Adventure Games in the forest

All campers will participate in adventure and survival games in the forest throughout the three weeks.


All campers will go on a day trip throughout the three weeks.


Campers from grades 3-6 will visit Schinias Beach and will engage in activities such as; Sailing, Stand Up Paddle, Windsurfing, Beach Volley, Canoeing, Beach Soccer. They will also follow First Aid and Lifeguard Lessons.