Hellenic-American Educational Foundation

The educational and pedagogical philosophy of the College is reflected in the “Mission Statement of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation” :

The mission of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation is to contribute to society as a beacon for Greek education, developing responsible global citizens and future leaders, inspired by Hellenic heritage and both American and European liberal values. Its aim is to provide the essence of education by helping each individual to achieve their highest potential and unique aspirations, instilling in them respect for themselves and others, cultivating a sense of civic duty, and exemplifying the highest ethical standards. Our aim, through academic excellence and critical thinking, is to inspire and transform students into graduates distinguished by creativity, teamwork and a spirit of discovery.

The primary means of achieving these goals are:

  • Emphasis on developing creativity and the ability to think critically.
  • Harmonious synthesis of humanistic education with technology and of our cultural traditions with global, intellectual and educational trends.
  • Familiarization with modern research techniques and development of skills for pursuing the in-depth study of specific disciplines.
  • Development of individual initiative and freedom, balanced with social responsibility and team spirit.

HAEF’s  goals are achieved by:

  • Supplementing and enriching the Ministry of Education’s prescribed curriculum.
  • Applying contemporary teaching methods and approaches, focusing on the active participation of students, broad use of the library and the labs, and the diversity of textbooks.
  • Fostering and promoting role models and intellectual, social and moral values.
  • Offering a plethora of extracurricular activities, such as student clubs, student publications, collaborative programs with schools from abroad, participation in international educational events and European Union programs, etc.
  • Continuing traditions and institutions that have been in place for decades at HAEF: debate and forensics competitions, awards, and Student Communities (which familiarize students with the democratic process, encourage their active involvement in the community, and promote social awareness).