HAEF Board of Directors Announcement


The annual ordinary General Assembly meeting of the members of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation took place on November 27, 2018.  The General Assembly unanimously approved the Board of Directors’ annual report and financial report.

Following the expiration of the term of office of Apostolos Doxiadis, Vice President of the Board of Directors, and the election of new members Messrs. Alexandros Kamarinos and Alexandros Phylactopoulos, the new composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:


PresidentNikolaos Tsavliris 
Vice President: 
Annika Papantoniou 
General Secretary: 
Vasileios Neiadas

TreasurerAlexios Pilavios

Members: Damianos Abacoumkin
Titina Daskalaki-Vasileiou
Nikiforos Diamandouros

Alexandros Kamarinos
Konstantinos Kanellopoulos
Alexandros Phylactopoulos
Hera Valsamaki-Ralli

During the General Assembly, College alumni Nikolaos Vafeias, Konstantinos Delikostopoulos and Georgios Tsopelas were elected as the newest members of the Somateio (Association).


The HAEF Board of Directors