College Students’ University Acceptances in Greece and Abroad Mark a Great Achievement

Once again, College students recorded great achievements in admissions exams for postsecondary education in Greece and abroad. 

Of the 385 students who graduated in 2018 from Athens College and Psychico College High Schools, as well as the IB Programme, 182 were offered places in Greece’s schools of higher education based on their PanHellenic Exam results.  Of the 97% success rate for admission to Greece’s tertiary educational system, 93% were offered seats in universities (AEI) and 4% in technological institutes (TEI).  The corresponding nationwide success rates were 56% for universities (AEI) and 22% for technological institutes (TEI).

From all 2018 IB Programme and General High School graduates, 58% were admitted to universities in the USA, Canada, Britain and other European countries. Specifically, 32% of General High School graduates and 99% of International Baccalaureate graduates were offered places in schools of higher education abroad, many of which are ranked among the world’s top universities.


The achievements scored by the College’s 2018 graduates is a testament to the efforts of our teachers and students and is the result of the multi-faceted educational training provided through our School’s programs and activities from Elementary through Junior High and High School.  Congratulations to all!