Psychico College High School Students Visit Australian Embassy

On Monday, September 24, 2018, Psychico College General High School and IB students who took part in the “Melbourne – Athens: A Journey of Friendship” program visited the Australian Embassy where they met with Deputy Head of Mission Andrea Biggi.  Mr. Biggi spoke to the students about his country’s history, economy and foreign policy.  He also referred to the educational system and to Australian universities which was followed by a very interesting dialogue between students and the Deputy Head of Mission on issues related to the lifestyle and culture of his homeland.


The students were accompanied by Director of Psychico College High School, Ms. A. Papakostopoulou, Club Advisor, Mr. N. Tzanakakis and I.B. Head of Year 1, Ms. E. Tzarou.


The program “Melbourne – Athens: A Journey of Friendship,” designed by Psychico College faculty member Ms. M. F. Tridima and in operation  since 2016, brings our School in contact with the Hellenic community of Australia.  Psychico College 10th grade students become mentors of 9th grade students who live in Melbourne and who attend schools where Greek is taught as a second language. Thus far the program has proven to be particularly beneficial for third-generation Greek expatriates living in Melbourne and a valuable experience for our School’s students.