Two Boards Meet in New York. SAKA USA Introduced

A second, extremely fruitful joint meeting of the HAEF Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees was held in New York on Thursday, December 6th at which College President, Richard Jackson, was present.  Members of the two Boards engaged in constructive discussions regarding future strategies for the College, acknowledging that their next joint meeting will be held in early summer on the College campus in Psychico.


Members of the newly established branch of the Athens College – Psychico College Alumni Association (SAKA) in the United States – known as SAKA USA – together with their head, Dimitris Avrasoglou ’78, and the President of SAKA, Konstantinos Papadiamantis ’78, were present at the meeting. The attendees spoke of the need for stronger communication, more activities and increased synergies between the school, the alumni, SAKA and its branches worldwide.


Left to right: Mr. Alexis Phylactopoulos - Member of HAEF's Board of Directors, Mr. NIkos Tsavliris - Chairman of HAEF;s Board of Directors and Dr. Dimitri Gondicas - Member of the Board of Trustees.  


SAKA USA took the initiative and organized a dinner later that evening for 85 guests at the Cosmopolitan Club in New York City.  In attendance were members of the HAEF BoD, the US Trustees, representatives of SAKA (Konstantinos Papadiamantis ‘78 – President, Giannis Katsarakis ’95 – Member of the SAKA Board responsible for foreign branches, and Eleni Anagnostopoulou ’10 - Member of the SAKA Board) as well as alumni from New York, Boston, California, Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.


Mr. Yannis Manuelides, Member of the Board of Trustees, and College President, Richard Jackson



Alexis Michas, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Nikolaos Tsavliris, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Richard Jackson, College President, and Konstantinos Papadiamantis gave welcome greetings, as did Dimitris Avrasoglou who, on behalf of SAKA USA, welcomed all the alumni in the United States and encouraged them to actively participate in future events.


Left to right: Konstantinos Papadiamantis - Pres. of SAKA, Alexis Michas - Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Bill McDiarmid - Member of the Board of Trustees.


Members of the organizing committee of SAKA USA:  Dimitris Avrasoglou '80 (co-coordinator), Thanasis Mazarakis ‘80 (co-coordinator), Pericles Mazarakis ‘81, Foteini Vasilikou ‘04, Αlexandros Papadopoulos‘09, Εleni Anagnostopoulou ‘10 and Constantinos Englesos ‘03.


Left to right: Pericles Mazarakis, Dimitris Avrasoglou, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Foteini Vasilikou, Constantinos Englesos