Student Achievements at Deree Invitational Debate Tournament 2018

The first debate event of the 2018-2019 academic year, the “Fall 2018 Deree Invitational Debate Tournament,” was held on Friday, the 2nd and Saturday, the 3rd of November. Fifty eight teams (116 speakers) from schools around Athens and Thessaloniki took part.

HAEF was represented by 26 students from all its school units.  Congratulations to each of the students who participated and, in particular, to those below who distinguished themselves in the competition.

Winnng Team:

Giorgos Aravosis (AC HS grade 12) & Ariana-Christina Linara (IB2)


Top 10 Speakers:
Ioanna Zervaki (

Ariana-Christina Linara (IB2)
orgos Aravosis ( AC HS grade 12)



Ioanna Zervaki  (IB 1)
Athina Lorentziadi (IB1) & Katerina Loupousaki (IB1)

Novice Finalists: (students who entered a competition for the first time)

Chara Moraitaki (PC JHS grade 9) & Maria Hissa (PC JHS grade 9)


Top 10 Novice Speakers: (students who entered a competition for the first time)
Stella Stenou (AC JHS grade 9)