Joint Faculty Associations Meeting Launching the New Academic Year

The opening Joint Meeting of the Hellenic-Educational Foundation’s Faculty Associations was held on Wednesday, September 5th in the College Theater.  College President Richard Jackson expressed his optimism for the upcoming academic year.  At the same time he thanked and congratulated associates of the School, students, parents and alumni who participated in the College campaign to support victims of the July fires.


The newly appointed Co-Director of Athens College and Coordinator of HAEF’s School Units, Apostolos Athanasopoulos, spoke about the challenges and opportunities that the new academic year promises.  He also presented the outstanding exam results achieved by the 2018 graduates.

Administrators and Faculty members observed a minute of silence in memory of Emmanuel Kondylis, University of Piraeus professor and member of the HAEF Association (Somateio) who died unexpectedly this past August.

Christina Rasidaki, Psychotherapist and Counselor to Parents and Teachers, spoke about school bullying and, in particular, about the “3Step Anti-Bullying” program she developed.  Experiential workshops on the topic will be held for all HAEF teachers in the upcoming days.


Of particular significance was the discourse delivered by Prof. Eric Lauzon of Montreal University, IT Specialist and Global Chief Information Officer for the International Baccalaureate Organization.  Prof. Lauzon spoke about learning in the 21st century and approaches to knowledge.  On Friday he will hold special seminars for the School’s teachers about the IB’s Diploma Programme, Middle Years Programme and Primary Years Programme.