College Boards Hold Offsite Meeting

Following last June's meeting, members of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors and members of the Board of Trustees held yet another fruitful, offsite meeting last Wednesday, November 14th, on the Psychico campus.  College President, Mr. Richard L. Jackson, Advisor to the President of the BoD, the College Administrations and other activities, Mr. Dimitris Karamanos, and Director of Human Resources, Ms. Elena Mathioudaki, also participated.


The topic of discussion was “Teacher as the main factor” and included presentations from the School Directors and Executives regarding teacher recruitment and selection, new teaching methods in the Middle Years and Primary Years Programmes, the benefits of modern technology in teaching, the life-long training program, as well as the shaping of citizens.


Members of the BoD participated in the discussion as did Princeton University Professors and members of the Board of Trustees, Drs. Dimitri Gondicas and Alexander Nehamas, via Skype.  Athens College Co-Director and Coordinator of the HAEF School Units, Mr. Apostolos Athanasopoulos, moderated the meeting and discussions.