Collection of Basic Needs Fulfilled – Call for Crafts Materials and Board Games

The collection
of basic essentials and imperishable food items for the people of the fire-stricken areas of Attica has concluded.  Starting Wednesday, July 25 and ending on Friday, July 27, 2018 the College family sent the following items to KEELPNO (Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention):

  • 401 packs of gauze (various types, sizes)
  • 142 packs of Betadine
  • 67 tubes of Fucidin
  • 153 packages of baby diapers (various sizes)
  • 287 packages of baby wipes
  • 2,588 units/packages of imperishable food items
  • 587 other essentials

While the collection of basic essentials has concluded, blood donations to the Psychico College High School Parents’ Association “Matina Papoulia” Blood Bank at NIMTS Hospital continues.  Since July 25th, when the first call for extraordinary blood donations for the fire-stricken victims went out, the College family has donated 7 units of blood. 


At the same time, College teachers and school psychologists have already declared their willingness to participate in the Children’s Creative Recreation Program that is being organized by the Municipality of Rafina for the children of the district.  The program will start in August and run up until the first day the new academic year. The Municipality, therefore, requests donations of crafts materials (drawing supplies, clay, markers, etc.), board games and storage boxes.


Anyone wishing to contribute to this action, please send materials to the 1st Primary School of Rafina located at the intersection of Chrysostomou Smyrnis and K. Palama Streets, Rafina, having first communicated with the Director of the 1st Primary School, Mr. Sarantis Chelmis, tel. 6944387484, email: