The "Youth Training Programme at the United Nations: Greece" Club in Geneva

Twenty five (25) student members of Psychico College Junior High School’s “Training at the United Nations” Club, together with twelve (12) student members of Athens College Junior High School’s MUN and UNESCO Clubs, attended a WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations) Workshop in Geneva from March 18 through March 22, 2019.  The objective of the Workshop was to enlighten students on the basic concepts and values that underpin the United Nations Organization, in order to safeguard world peace.

Students attended presentation by responsible bodies that are inextricably linked to the prevention and management of conflicts and the protection of human rights.

They visited organizations, such as the Red Cross and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and had an opportunity to chat with the Deputy Permanent Representative of Greece in Geneva, Mr. George Kyriakopoulos.  They also toured the facilities of the United Nations as well as the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.  Last of all, they attended part of the regular work session of the United Nations Human Rights Council and gave presentations on:

* Multilateralism, Peace and Security

* Multilateralism, Sustainable Development

* Humanitarian Affairs and Human Rights

The Workshop concluded with the successful presentation of the students’ works and the distribution of Certificates of Attendance.  The Clubs’ Teacher-Advisors were Ms. Priovolou from Psychico College Junior High and Mr. A. Papatheodorou from Athens College Junior High.  Ms. V. Moumtzi, Ms. N. Kanelli and Mr. A. Papalexis also escorted the mission.