Event: "A Lifetime of Athens College: A journey – and more”

On the 95th anniversary of the College’s founding, the six Parents’ Associations of the school units of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation organized an event (College Theater, November 4).  Keynote speaker was Dimitris Karamanos, Head of the Scholarship Program as well as Head of Public Relations and Communication for 35 consecutive years, member of the HAEF Association (Somateio) and former President of the Alumni Association, whose speech was titled: “A Lifetime of Athens College: A journey – and more.”

 At the podium: Mrs. Fani Leventi-Amorginou, Psychico College Junior High School Parents' Association President (left) and Mrs. Evelina Kokkou-Gavriil, former President of the Athens College Elementary School Parents' Association (right) 


Mmes. Evelina Kokkou and Fani Leventi, on behalf of the Parents’ Associations, and Mr. Apostolos Athanasopoulos, Co-Director of the Athens College and Coordinator of the HAEF School Units, on behalf on behalf of the school community, introduced the keynote speaker, highlighting his long-standing, valuable contribution to various College “bastions,” as well as his broader social activism. In particular, they referred to the characterization of D. Karamanos as “the soul and conscience” of the College during his recent decoration by the HAEF BoD, and his characterization by the College faculty, on another occasion, as “the spiritual and intellectual pillar for all of us at the College.” 


D. Karamanos’ speech – followed by hundreds of College family members – included a brief flashback to the decades of his College “journey”, from 1949 to 2018, focusing on milestones associated with his personal memories and experiences, as well as some of his more general thoughts. (Among the sub-topics of his speech: Co-partnership of tradition-innovation – From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Psyche? – Praising excellence (and failure) – From Yesteryear to Tomorrow – Scholarships: leading College institution – Paideia, language, communication – The importance of historical memory – The decisive role of the human factor in the College’s diachronic progress and evolution, as well its recognition).

The speech was “embellished” by the presentation of rare audiovisual “material” and live performances by composer Giorgos Katsaros, the College Ensemble (Stefanos Tsokakis, Dimitris Papagiannakis, Dimitris Mousouras, Giannis Romanos, Froso Glytsou) and College Music teacher, Eleftheria Vorria.

Indicative of the favorable impression that the speech had on the audience was a written note sent by a distinguished member of the College family to the speaker: “Your speech succeeded – beyond sharing your brief, personal “flashback”- to sweep us into a rush of memories / feelings and to make us fellow travelers on a journey filled with memories, love, and nostalgia for our beloved School.”

Contributing to the success of the event was an exhibition in the College foyer, comprised of “morsels of great and humble wisdom, serious and humorous speeches” titled Everything and Nothing, from Dimitri Karamanos’ personal collection. The exhibition was enjoyed by the viewers who rambled through the foyer during the reception that followed the speech.