Junior Achievement Greece Seminar on “Entrepreneurship Education”

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, Junior Achievement Greece organized a seminar and press conference, held in the Theater of Athens College.  During the seminar, the results of the first research carried out in high schools around the country about the benefits of Junior Achievement’s student program, “Virtual Business,” were presented.


According to research conducted by Hellenic Open University, seventy two percent (72%) of the students who participated in the “Virtual Business” program of the non-profit organization Junior Achievement Greece / Youth Entrepreneurship Association believe that the program helped them to learn how to conduct research and evaluate ideas. Seventy six percent (76%) believe that the program greatly or fully helped them to learn to collaborate within a group.  And, sixty two percent (62%) believe that the program either greatly or fully changed their perception of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

In her address, Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Niki Kerameus, congratulated the students and their teachers for their effort and expressed support for JA Greece.  She also noted that the Ministry is considering the introduction of a similar course in the Ministry’s prescribed national curriculum.

In his address, College President, Richard Jackson, mentioned our School’s multiple achievements and the 1st place won by Psychico College High School’s ‘Young Entrepreneurs Club’ in the Panhellenic SEN/JA Competition.  He also mentioned that this same club won the “Excellence in IT Award” and that Psychico College High School was named an “Entrepreneurial School,” along with 32 other schools from 20 European nations.  At the same time, College faculty members, Athanasios Karamitsas and Eleni Markpopoulou, were honored by Junior Achievement Europe for their excellent implementation of the “The Company Programme – Student Virtual Business.”

During the event, the following also gave addresses:

  • Sofia Zacharaki and Vasilis Digalakis, Deputy Ministers of Education;
  • Apostolos Athanasopoulos, Co-Director of Athens College and Coordinator of the HAEF School Units;
  • Anastasia Papakostopoulou, Director of Psychico College High School;
  • Markos Veremis, President of Junior Achievement Greece;
  • Argyris Tzikopoulos, General Manager of Junior Achievement Greece and President of the Board of JA Europe;
  • Thomas Babalis, Dean of the School of Education, University of Athens;
  • Odysseas Zora, President of the Steering Committee of Hellenic Open University;
  • Eleni Chelioti, Head of the JA Greece’s ‘Virtual Business” program;
  • Maria Kokala, undergraduate at Athens University of Economics and Business, and alumna of Korinos, Pieria High School;
  • Athina Lorentziadi, student at Psychico College High School’
  • Dimitris Maskalidis, undergraduate at Athens University of Economics and Business, and alumnus of Aspropyrgos 1st Vocational High School;
  • Panagiotis Chanios, student at Livadeia 1st High School
  • Eleni Markopoulou and Athanasios Karamitsas, faculty members of Psychico College High School;
  • Georgia Giotopoulou, faculty member of Aspropyrgos 1st Vocational High School;
  • Giorgos Vouzaxakis, faculty member of Mochos – Herakleio, Crete General High School;
  • Georgia Dimitropoulou, Volunteer, Head of CSR – Hellenic Petroleum.



Maria Giannetou, journalist and Director of Communication for Junior Achievement Greece coordinated this highly successful seminar.



The “Virtual Business” student program has been running for the last three years under the auspices of the President of the Republic.  In addition to the 150,000 student who have participated, 4,000 teachers and 5,000 volunteers have been involved.  Worldwide, the program is implemented in 120 countries with the participation of 10,000,00o students and undergraduates annually.  JA Worldwide was recently proclaimed the world’s best non-profit organization.