Presentation on the College’s eQuizzes Program

Athens College’s eLearning specialist, Dr. Anna Stefanidou, spoke at the ModdleMoot Greece 2019 conference about the pioneering eQuizzes program, which was fist implemented at our school in 2016.  The conference was held on November 28 and 29 in the Main Library of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.

Dr. Stefanidou spoke about the multitude of question-types used in College eQuizzes across 12 subject areas, from primary school grade 3 through the last grade of high school.  Their purpose is to help revise and consolidate the curriculum. She also shared the results of a questionnaire completed by both students and on the effectiveness of eQuizzes and gave an overview of the program’s future goals that aim at broadening its scope.

Lastly, Dr. Stefanidou spoke about eLessons, a program piloted at the College, whereby video-courses in Modern Greek language, Maths and Physics have beene created to enhance and supplement the teaching of the most difficult units/topics.