Prof. Sotiris Pratsinis Speaks at the College

College Seniors (General High School 12th grade and IB2 students) took great interest in the speech given by Dr. Sotiris Pratsinis, distinguished Professor of Process Engineering and Materials Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), that took place in Choremi Auditorium on Thursday, January 10th.

In his discourse, titled “A flavor of the research at ETH Zurich’s Particle Technology Laboratory,” Prof. Pratsinis gave students a “taste” of how scientific research is carried out at ETH’s Laboratory of Molecular Technology. Afterwards, he answered their questions.  Mr. Christos Konstantopoulos, Director of Athens College High School, prologued the event.


Left to right: Ef. Charatsis, Biology Teacher at Athens College High School, Prof. Sotiris Pratsinis, Ch. Konstantopoulos, Director of Athens College High School, Ath. Panagiotopoulos, Deputy Director of Psychico College High School, G. Mariolopoulos, Head of the Science Department at Athens College Junior High - High Schools

A short profile on Prof. Sotiris Pratsinis:

He is a distinguished Professor of Process Engineering and Materials Science at ETH Zurich.  He has a Diploma from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc and PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles.

At ETH Zurich, he teaches Mass Transfer, Micro and Nano-Particle Technology and Introduction to Nanoscale Engineering.

His field of interest and research focus on particle dynamics and aerosol synthesis of catalysts, gas sensors and biomaterials. To conduct his research he has procured grants from the European Research Council, the U.S. and Swiss National Science Foundations, the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation as well as from multinational corporations such as Dow, DuPont, Clariant, Degussa,  Nestle, Siemens, Toyota and more.

He has supervised 38 PhD students who now hold leading academic and industrial positions worldwide.  At the same time, he has published over 400 scientific articles, has filed for 20 patents that are licensed to industry and have contributed to the creation of four spinoffs, and has collaborated with multiple scientific journals.

He was among the first researchers to calculate the oxidation rate of titanium tetrachloride, a titanium-rich liquid, whilst conducting pioneering research and heading dozens of other scientific studies.