Graduation Ceremony for Students of The School Project

On Wednesday, June 18th the first graduation of students from The School Project was held in Choremi Auditorium.  The School Project is a collaboration between Athens College and the non-profit organization “The Home Project” for unaccompanied refugee children.  Opening addresses were given by Mr. Richard Jackson - College President, Mr. Apostolos Athanasopoulos - College Co-Director and Coordinator of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation School Units, and Ms. Sofia Kouvelaki - Executive Director of the Home Project and College alumna,. They all expressed their enthusiasm with the program’s success and its continuation was announced for academic year 2019-2020.

Then, four students and two teachers who participated in the program shared their experiences, each from his/her own vantage point.  They were followed by the Head of The Home Project Staff, Mr. Vasilis Michailidis, and the Head of the Child Psychology Department, Ms. Maya Alivizatou, who spoke about how The School Project influenced the children who participated, as ascertained from their responses to relevant questionnaires.


During the ceremony, a video was aired with highlights from this year’s group activities, as well as music-dance performances that the children had prepared.  Last of all, diplomas were awarded to all students of the 2018-2019 School Project.

Wife of US Ambassador to Greece, Mrs. Mary Pyatt, and founder of The Shapiro Foundation (charitable organization for refugees), Mr. Ed Shapiro, along with his family, honored the event with their presence.

Outside the Theater, on display were artworks completed over the course of the year by students of The School Project.