Lecture by Dr. M. Triantafyllou at the George Economou Informatics Center

Within the framework of Athens College’s strategic partnerships with distinguished personalities and institutions from around the globe, an outstanding lecture by Dr. Michael Triantafyllou, Professor of Marine Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was held on Wednesday, June 5th, in the George Economou Informatics Center (Alexandra Martinou Building).


George Economou, an MIT graduate and great patron of the College, honored the event with his presence.  Thanks to his pioneering vision for the introduction of technology in education, as well as his generous contribution, the College acquired state-of-the-art technological equipment.  Lessons and activities that take place at the Informatics Center have enhanced the educational experience of our School’s students and teachers alike.

College President, Mr. Richard Jackson, opened the event by thanking Dr. Triantafyllou and alumni-members of the MIT Club in Greece for their presence and for their contribution in making this lecture happen.

In his lecture titled “Learning from the Fins,” Dr. Triantafyllou presented his revolutionary research at MIT, which has brought about significant changes in the fields of technology and education worldwide. 


Known as the “father” of modern biomimetics, Dr. Triantafyllou started developing underwater robots based on the behavior and mimicking the movements of fish. One such robot, the almost two-meter “RoboTuna,” is on display at the London Museum of Science.  As he points out, the robots and sensors that have been created, inspired by living organisms, surpass machines.