HAEF Takes 2nd Place in English Language PanHellenic Forensics Association Tournament

HAEF placed 2nd in the Sweepstakes Cup at the 2019 English Language PanHellenic Forensics Association Tournament.   The Competition took place from March 28 to March 31 at Mandoulides Schools in Thessaloniki.  A team of 42 students represented our School in six events.  More than 450 students from 19 schools in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Larissa competed in PFAT 2019.

The HAEF team took second place in the overall ranking, with 9 finalists and 5 Honorable Mentions, as well as 1st place in Comic Oral Interpretation of Literature!  Pierce College took home first place in the overall ranking and American Community Schools third place.


At the same time, HAEF’s Team 1 reached the semi-finals in the debate tournament and a member of the team earned the Best Speaker Award, gathering the highest individual score amongst 150 speakers.


On Thursday, April 4, 2019, Seniors, who were members the School’s mission to the Competition, visited College President Richard Jackson to hand him the 2nd Place in Overall Ranking Award that our students brought home.  The students were accompanied by their coaches: Ms. Kallina Mpasli, Mr. V. Tsipopoulos, Mr. Th. Ntounias and Ms. M. Vergou, Interschool Head of English.




The following students stood out in the Competition (by category):

Original Oratory:

  • Leon Melas (ΙΒ2) - Finalist, Original Oratory
  • Athina Loretziadi (ΙΒ1) - Finalist, Original Oratory
  • Athina Avrantini (ΙΒ2) - Honorable Mention, Original Oratory
  • Ioanna Zervaki (ΙΒ1) - Honorable Mention, Original Oratory


Comic Oral Interpretation of Literature:

  • Vasilis Koumparos (AC HS – 12th grade) – Finalist και  First Among Equals


Duet Acting

  • Konstantina Aggoura (ΙΒ2) & Leon Melas (ΙΒ2) - Finalists, Comic Duet Acting
  • Nefeli Aggelaki (ΙΒ2) & Faidra (ΙΒ2) - Finalists, Dramatic Duet Acting
  • Marianna Filaretou (ΙΒ1) & Giorgos Stouraitis (ΙΒ 1) - Honorable Mention, Dramatic Duet Acting


Impromptu Speaking:

  • Ioanna Zervaki (IB1) - Honorable Mention, Impromptu Speaking


Group Discussion: 

  • Filippos Patsis (AC HS – 10th grade) – Finalist
  • Stella Stenou (AC JHS – 9th grade) - Finalist



  • Giorgos Aravosis (AC HS – 12th grade) - Best Speaker Award
  • Ioanna Zervaki (ΙΒ1) - 3rd best speaker
  • Ariana Linara (ΙΒ2) - 6th best speaker
  • Giorgos Aravosis (AC HS – 12th grade), Nantia Dourida (IB1), Ioanna Zervaki (IB1), Ariana Linara (IB2), Athina Loretziadi (IB1) - Semi-finalists


Congratulations to all our students!


The following teachers and coaches prepared the team:


- Oral Interpretation: Mina Vogia


- Duet Acting: Dafni Remoundou


- Impromptu Speaking: Vayianna Fotakidou


- Group Discussion: Eleni Gkolemi & Christina Martidou


- Original Oratory: Vasilis Tsipopoulos & Kallina Mpasli


- Debate: Vasilis Tsipopoulos, Andreas Poichos, Kallina Mpasli


The help and guidance provided by Ms. Maria Vergou and Ms. Heather Quirk, as well as that of Thodori Ntounia and the Fulbright Fellows, was extremely important in preparing the students.