School Happenings Memorializing Smyrna

The screening, on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 in the College Theater, of the historical documentary “Smyrna: The Destruction of a Cosmopolitan City 1900-1922,” directed and curated by Maria Iliou, proved to be a particularly moving event.  

College President, Richard Jackson, gave a short welcoming speech, whilst Alexander Kitroeff, Professor of History at Haverford College (USA) and historical consultant to the documentary, introduced the film.  At the end of the screening, Prof. Kitroeff fielded questions from the public.


While talking with Junior High and High School students earlier in the day, Prof. Kitroeff expanded on the topic of “how we should honor the memory of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.”


Students gave a presentation about the historical events of that period and prizes and commendations were awarded to College 9th graders who distinguished themselves in the art contest “Kath’ imas Anatoli” (loosely translated “Each of us in Greece who hails from Asia Minor”).

Awards were given to:


Tsochantari, Melia-Anthi (Athens College)

Kanellopoulou, Eugenia Iro (Athens College)

Axiotis, Efstratios (Athens College)


Commendations were given to:

Mavromati, Eleni (Psychico College)

Kontopoulou, Maria-Aggeliki (Athens College)

Dourou, Christianna Isidora (Athens College)


A special presentation on the development of Smyrna and the ensuing events leading to the Asia Minor Catastrophe took place in the Library, as did a study of selected excerpts from literary texts about this historic period. The presentation and study formed the groundwork for the art contest in which students produced impressive artistic pieces.