Merit Awards 2019

The College recognizes and encourages superior academic achievement by granting Merit Awards to currently enrolled students in Grades 9, 11 and IB1 who are performing at the very top of their class.  The criteria for selection are the students’ cumulative grades of the past two years, as well as their overall ethos and conduct. Merit Awards were established in 2018 and each year four awards are given, one to a student of each school division (Junior High and High School) of Athens College and Psychico College.  In the event of ties in students’ GPAs, then more than one award per school division may be given.

Each of the students receives a certificate of achievement as well as a symbolic monetary prize in the amount of €1,000 that is applied to their tuition for the current academic year.  The prize is a kind donation of Mr. Konstantinos Kanellopoulos (΄82), member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation.


Students who were granted Merit Awards during the 2-year period 2017-2019 are:


Junior High School Grade 9

A.C.: FilipposChristos Foufas

P.C.: Sofronia – Evfrosyni Voudouri


High School Grade 11 / ΙΒ1


A.C.: Elisavet Machaira

P.C.: Styliani Stefanou

ΙΒ1:  Nikoleta Avramidou

ΙΒ1:  Eleonora Tomazou

Certificates to students who excelled in their academic performance in the previous academic year were handed out during the October 28th celebration.