New Academic Year at College Kicks Off with Faculty Meeting

The 2019-2020 inaugural joint meeting of the Hellenic-Educational Foundation’s Faculty Associations was held on Wednesday, September 4th in the College Theater. 

In his opening remarks, College President Richard Jackson wished teachers a good academic year and much success in their work.


After introducing newly appointed faculty members, Co-Director of Athens College and Coordinator of HAEF’s School Units, Apostolos Athanasopoulos, spoke about the challenges and opportunities that the new academic year promises.  He also presented the outstanding exam results and university acceptances, both in Greece and abroad, achieved by our recent graduates.


A discussion with teachers ensued about their role in the classroom and the advantages of a College education. 


Mr. Athanasopoulos touched on the values that the College embraces and gave examples of how the HAEF Mission is implemented.

Ms. Maria Vergos, Interschool Head of English and Head of the Teaching Fellowship Program, welcomed and introduced the thirteen (13) 2019-2020 Fulbright Fellows.

Once the established photo shoot of teachers on the steps of Benaki Hall was over, Mr. Giannis Avramidis Person Centered Counselor & Supervisor (MSc, University of Strathclyde, UK) gave a lecture on “Drug Abuse Prevention: When Can I Talk to my Child?”  The objective of this continuous education briefing was to help teachers understand the problems of youth addiction whilst focusing on preventive measures, which are the key means of protecting adolescents.