Synchronous and Asynchronous Distance Learning at our School

At this critical juncture rocking the globe, the goal of the School, from the first moment, was for students not to lose touch with the educational process and for high school seniors not to lose valuable time in preparing for final exams. 


The College has procured synchronous and asynchronous platforms of communication between students and teachers across all its school units.  Using Microsoft Teams, distance teaching (lessons) takes place in core subjects for students in all school grades. Through CMS, ManageBac, and IC365 platforms, teachers post material daily, which students work on from home, submit, and then receive feedback and/or answers to their queries.


Distance learning is complemented by the School’s libraries.  Through their webpages, the Ebook Central database has been activated, enabling students from Kindergarten to 12th grade High School/IB2 to access thousands of digital books in English.  They can also access World Book Encyclopedia online, as well as the INFOTRAC database that offers a rich selection of electronic materials, newspapers, periodicals and books on a range of topics, such as science, history, literature, environment, and more.

Utilizing technology and all its possibilities allows our School to ensure the consistent and safe continuation of distance teaching to its students.

We wish everyone good health and hope that we all return to normal, daily routines soon.