“Together for Children” Awards Our School

On Wednesday, January 29, 2020, during the 7th Annual Award Ceremony held at the Benaki Museum, Athens College was honored by “Together for Children” for its continuous support and contribution to the Union’s causes.


“Together for Children” is a union of non-profit NGOs that work in the field of child welfare since 1996.  Its aim is to offer assistance to children and families that face poverty, disabilities, domestic violence and abuse, and illness. The Union and its members offer services to more than 30,000 children annually, 10,000 of which receive assistance on a systematic basis.

The College was among dozens of institutions, companies and friends that each year support the Union’s important work.  Mrs. Anna Benaki-Psarouda, President of the Academy of Athens, bestowed the awards. College President, Mr. Richard Jackson, received the honorary award on behalf of the College.

Address by the Chairman of the BoD of the “Together with Children” Union, Mrs. Alexandra Martinou. 

Within the framework of the Athens College’s philosophy on volunteerism and social solidarity, each year activities are organized by all the school units with the objective of contributing to the important work of “Together for Children.”