Medical Services

The goal of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation’s Medical Services is to protect and promote students’ health and to ensure students’ safe participation in the School’s program and activities.

The objective is achieved by:

  1. the operation of First Aid Stations (Infirmaries) on the School grounds,
  2. providing pediatric examinations for newly enrolled students,
  3. performing periodic medical examinations of all students during the course of their studies at the College,
  4. scheduling clinical and paraclinical tests for preventive purposes,
  5. actively promoting a healthy life style for students by offering relevant suggestions and organizing speeches and seminars  on related topics,
  6. monitoring health issues that are on the rise and developing proposals to prevent and treat them,
  7. supporting students who face chronic health problems.

The First Aid Stations are staffed by a pediatrician, who heads the Medical Services, a physician and six nurses who ensure continuous and coordinated care to students within the School environment.

The objective of this Service cannot be met without the active involvement of students’ parents.  Communication and close collaboration with all parents is absolutely essential throughout the duration of their children’s studies at the College