First Aid Stations (“Infirmaries”)

At the Schools of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation there are eight First Aid Stations (“Infirmaries”) that operate throughout the entire school day.


Psychico campus:  Benaki Hall Infirmary, Tsolainou Hall Infirmary, Covered Gymnasium Infirmary, Swimming Center (Indoor Pool) Infirmary, Kindergarten

Kantza campus:  Bodossakeio Infirmary, Latseio Infirmary, Swimming Center Infirmary

Operating Hours

All First Aid Stations are open during normal School hours when students are present. 
The First Aid Station at the Covered Gymnasium in Psychico is also open during after-school hours and every Saturday when intramural athletic teams have practice sessions and the Adult Education’s “Training – Sports” program meets.
The Infirmary at the Swimming Center in Kantza is open after-school on a daily basis, whenever sports classes of the Free Studies Workshops meet.  It also remains open every Saturday morning when the Elementary Schools’ intramural teams meet for practice sessions.

Operation of First Aid Stations

First Aid Stations are staffed by qualified nurses who are available throughout the school day.  Their role is limited to providing first aid in case of emergency when students are present in school.

  • If the symptoms persist or if the nurse believes the situation requires medical attention, parents are called to come collect their child.
    • For emergencies which require urgent hospital treatment, the student is transported by public ambulance (EKAB) to the public hospital on duty.  The student is always escorted by someone from the School and parents are notified immediately.
    • Parents of children suffering from chronic or serious health conditions should provide the School with written instructions from the child’s physician on how to deal with any emergency related to that health issue.

Our nurses carry out their duties very conscientiously and with careful attention to students’ needs. For this reason, we ask everyone (students, parents and staff) to facilitate their job by not seeking their services when not absolutely necessary. Parents whose children visit the Infirmaries frequently, often for the purpose of getting out of class, will be notified.