Adult Education Programs

Adult Education
Within the context of its educational objectives, in 1984 the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation inaugurated the Adult Education Programs (AEP).  Their aim is to offer high-caliber courses of study in an idyllic environment, utilizing the top of the line infrastructure and cutting edge equipment that the Athens College – Psychico College facilities provide.
AEP follow the basic principles of HAEF’s well established “lifelong” education programs, targeting modern men and women who want to broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge and cultivate their interests.

Sports - Training
Those enrolled in the SPORTS-TRAINING program can chose between working out or training methodically; they can do so individually or in groups; and, they can opt to follow one of the many courses offered or work on their own.  They have the College’s athletic facilities at their disposal.  Designed in accordance with the most modern standards of operational excellence, the facilities are a paradigm of supremacy in the field of physical education and sports.

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