IB 2 Students’ Art Exhibition

For yet another year, senior students in the International Baccalaureate Programme’s Arts course impressed with their works, which were presented on Wednesday, March 27, at the DESTE Foundation within the framework of the 2019 IB2 Exhibition “The Arts.”


This showing is one of the IB’s most important events, allowing students an opportunity to display creations they produced over the past two years, following extensive research and work under the guidance of their teachers.

This year’s exhibition included works by both Visual Arts and Theater Arts students, highlighting their great effort and high caliber accomplishments, which are indicative of our School’s tradition in the realm of the Arts.


Co-Director of Athens College and Coordinator of the HAEF School Units, Mr. Apostolos Athanasopoulos, and Psychico College High School Director, Ms. Anastasia Papakostopoulou, gave welcoming addresses at the opening.


The Athens College – Psychico College Symphony Orchestra, directed by M. Dimitris Papagiannakis, was on hand and gave a concert to get the evening’s events underway.