Art Competition “Kath’ imas Anatoli”

The award ceremony of the 2nd “Kath’ imas Anatoli"(*) Art Competition was held in the College Theater on Monday, February 24, 2020.  Open to College JHS 9th grade and HS 10th grade students, the central theme of their works was Smyrna and the events that led to the Asia Minor Catastrophe.  Previously, the students had done research and read selected literary texts in the Library about this historical period.


(*) “Kath’ imas Anatoli”  Loosely translated: “Each of us in Greece who hails from Asia Minor”




Prizes were awarded as follow to HS 10th grade students::

1st place

Tsochantari, Melia-Anthi

Athens College section A9

2nd place

Mentzou, Ioanna

Psychico College section A5

3rd place

Kanellopoulou, Eugenia-Iro

Athens College section A3


JHS 9th grade prizes were awarded as follow: 


1st place

Karapanou, Stefania

Athens College section γ3

2nd place

Sabatacakis, Pavlos

Psychico College section γ6

3rd place

Sopikioti Freideriki-Polyxeni

Psychico College section γ7


Below are the students (in alphabetical order) who received Commendations:


Chlorou, Ileana

Athens College section A9

Kamperou, Sofia

Athens College section γ3

Klitoraki, Christina

Athens College section A4

Louridas Andrianos

Athens College section Α5


The judging committee of this year’s Competition was comprised of artist, Alexandra Athanasiadi, art historian and director of Citronne Galery, Tatiana Spinari-Pollali, and member of the Association (Somateio) of the Hellenic-American Education Foundation, Apostolos Doxiadis.


Preceding the bestowal of awards, Academician Thanos Veremis gave a lecture on “The Greek Revolution and Asia Minor.”



The “Kath imas Anatoli” Competition was established on the initiative of 1963 alumni who hailed from Smyrna and Asia Minor, with the aim of acquainting students with the events that led to the Smyrna Catastrophe through experiential activities.