An Enchanting Morning in our School’s Library







The Athens College Elementary School Library
once again this year
invites students from all grade levels
to a Sunday event dedicated to
fairy tales.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Schedule of Events

Grades 1 -3



“You should be so lucky… as a monkey”
The “Don Quixotes” theater troupe will dramatize Antoni Papatheodoulou’s fairy tale “You should be so lucky… as a monkey,” a performance filled with mystery, music and games.


James Pond is considered the smartest and most methodical private detective in Garbagewoods. But he has one flaw. He has a wild imagination. When called upon to shed light on yet another mysterious disappearance in Garbagewoods, his imagination will both help him and stand in his way.



“A story, once upon a time in a garbage-filled forest…”
Five parallel-running, thematic art happenings, using mixed techniques, presented by “The Clothespins” art studio.


The theatrical performance will take place in the School’s Big Theater and the art workshop in the Cafeteria.

Grades 4 - 6


«Fairy Tales Dance”
And educational program based on Marivita Grammatikaki’s fairy tale “The blue seashell.” The program is divided into three parts: 1) interactive performance that combines the spoken word, images, music and movement, 2) re-enactment – analysis, and 3) experiential workshop.


The program will take place in the Library.


For the parents of all students


Parents who accompany their children to School may opt to stay behind and attend a speech in the Little Theater given by developmental psychologist Ms. Eleni Tzavela on “School Bullying and the ENABLE anti-bullying project.”


The cost of the events will be covered by the Athens College Elementary School Parents Association.


The full Schedule of Events and Registration Form (in Greek) can be printed from the related file below.




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