Fellosio and the Shadows

"Fellosio was the greatest magician of all time.  People from all corners of the earth came to watch his performances and all the experts of his time tried to find a reasonable explanation behind his magic. No one could resist the mystery of his spectacular acts.  But one was the most exciting of all.  The act with the shadows...”

Izkabur’s one and only magical library goes on the road and encounters Erica and Stefano.  Following the mystery of the magic keys, the two friends have a difficult mission: they must find what lies behind the disappearance of Fellosio, the greatest magician of all time, and what role the mysterious shadows that follow him play.

Come, take another journey with the Magical Library of Izkabur and discover the secret strength hidden within each of us.

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Felossio and the Shadows
Year of Publication: 2019
Publisher: Kalentis

Pages: 104


for students in grades 5 - 6

[Date of posting: 09/23/2019]