Books, reading and me, a magical journey

Dedication to books

Books, reading and me, a magical journey

March 27 – April 12, 2019


To commemorate “Athens 2018 World Book Capital,” Athens College Elementary School’s Library will carry out various activities centered on books, starting on March 27th and running through April 12, 2019. The dedication, titled “Books, reading and me, a magical journey,” entails activities designed by our School’s librarians: speeches by teachers from our School, as well as activities from external collaborators, such as writers, illustrators, creators of educational programs and more.


Activities carried out by the librarians:

“Guess which teacher is hiding behind each book…”

“Escape Room in the Library”

“Give me a title”

“Bring the books’ heroes to life”

“By drawing I revitalize a damaged book”

“I read and share…”

“The books I borrowed”

“Getting to know Hans Christian Andersen”

“Around the world in 10 mysteries”

“The physical features of a book” & “Books and culture”

Activities carried out by our School’s teachers:

Speech by Ms. Lily Kotsira titled “My book, my love”

Speeches by teachers –alumni, Ioanna Adami and Nikos Lappas, together with students from our School, Nikolaos Skevis (6th grade), Ioannis Stampoulopoulos (4th grade) and Margarita Krika (2nd grade) titled “”Books – Library, a magical connection.”


Activities carried out by external collaborators: writers, illustrators and educators

Book presentations

Dramatized narrations

Illustration techniques

Creative writing workshop "The Dark Lady (Sherlock, Lupin and Me)"

Educational program "The rebirth of reading"