Operation and Educational Objectives

The objectives of the Library and its three librarians are to support the School’s educational program, to promote a life-long love of reading, and to provide students with information literacy skills that will allow them to critically evaluate the multitude of information at their disposal.


Students visit the Library once per week over the course of one term.  During “Library-time”, which is integrated into their timetable, students, with the help of the Librarians, select books to borrow and read, participate in activities, such as story-telling, that engender a love of reading, and develop Information Literacy skills by working on small research projects.  Information Literary is a set of skills that students are required to possess so that they can effectively search for, identify, evaluate and use information from printed and electronic sources.


Aside from “Library-time,” students can use the Library’s collection and equipment during breaks.  There they can read a book, do school-work using printed and electronic resources, as well as play chess or other board games.