A Sunday Outing to … the Latseio Library

Once again, the Library is organizing “A Sunday Outing to the Latseio Library.”  The event, scheduled to take place on November 22, 2105, offers children a morning filled with knowledge, joy and inventiveness by organizing activities aimed at cultivating a love of reading and creativity.  The events are open to students in grades 1 through 6. 


First, second and third grade students will have an opportunity to attend a puppet show and will engage in interactive activities related to the underlying meaning of the performance. The activities will also give them an opportunity to practice puppetry techniques.


Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students will have the opportunity to attend and participate in an educational program that aims to raise children’s awareness about plant-related issues and respect for the environment.


Additionally, parents will have an opportunity to attend a lecture by Professor Alekos Papagos entitled “Introduction to the Gordon Model Skills.”  The purpose of the lecture is to present parents with an alternative disciplining model – the Gordon – which not only makes punishment unnecessary and useless, but also establishes a solid foundation for children to become more responsible, autonomous, self-disciplined and cooperative.


Parents are responsible for their children’s arrival and departure from the School.

Attached please find the Schedule of Events and Registration Form (in Greek).