Operation and Educational Objectives

The Psychico College Elementary School’s Library and its operation are an integral part of the school’s curriculum.  Every class section, together with its respective homeroom teacher, visits the Library once per week during “Library Hour,” which is included within the timetable.  Students are free to visit the Library during breaks.

The Library’s main objectives are to nurture a love of reading, to familiarize students with recreational reading, to cultivate future book-lovers and to help students acquire research skills by utilizing its printed and electronic resources.  At the same time, the Library supports faculty needs with its resources.

The Library has three librarians who, together with the Director of HAEF’s Libraries, collaborate to achieve the aforementioned objectives, to acquire materials for the enrichment of the Library’s collection, and to organize the materials in order to make them easily accessible through the electronic catalogue.

The three librarians, responsible for its operation, help students to select books for recreational reading and borrowing.  Students are also taught the principles of Informational Literacy - research, location, and assessment of printed and electronic resources at their avail – and then develop those skills by working on small research projects.  Additionally, the Library participates in the Primary Years Program (PYP) with corresponding thematic modules and Love of Reading Programs aimed at raising children’s awareness of books and reading. 


At Christmastime and in the summer, the Library prepares and sends out to parents lists of newly published books that it recommends.  On the day Report Cards are distributed, librarians are available to meet with parents to provide updates regarding their children and to discuss, of course, the Library’s operation.