2nd and 3rd grade Program

Second and third grade students visit the Library, together with their homeroom teacher, once per week as set forth in their timetable.

For students in 2nd and 3rd grades, the Library serves as a workshop for the development of Information Literary skills (searching, locating, evaluating and utilizing information found in printed and electronic sources).  This is accomplished by familiarizing children with library materials and then having them prepare projects based on bibliographic research.  The program includes a preliminary stage that provides theory and exercises and culminates in a project that complements PYP thematic units.


2nd grade Project:  Plants

*Broader – narrower meanings, key words
*Encyclopedias and research entry/theme, alphabetical order
*Project completion and oral presentation

3rd grade Project: Animals, Weather

*Title page information (author, title, classification number) 
*Encyclopedias (alphabetical order, organization by volumes, engine search entry)
*Familiarization with the Dewey Decimal System
*Project completion and oral presentation


Additionally, students participate in Love of Reading Programs: The Library recommends 3 books which students must read during their summer holidays, in an effort to raise their awareness of books and reading.


Besides recreational reading, book borrowing, and having fairytales read aloud to them by librarians, children are afforded opportunities to attend presentations of special interest and to meet and talk with book authors and illustrators.